Typography 29 May, 2014

Mega Menu

1. Dropdown Trigger: With Dropdown Menu, you can choose Click or Hover style to drop menu down

2. Off-Canvas Navigation: On small screen, this option allows you to use or not use Off-Canvas Navigation

3. Always show submenu: This option allows you to use Submenu or not

4. Navigation Type: With this option, you can choose menu for template, they are Joomla module or megamenu

Joomla module: This is default Joomla menu system

Megamenu: A new feature supported in Plazart Framework (a missing feature in Joomla). It helps you get menu in menu item

5. Animation: With this option, you can select effect for Megamenu’s dropmenu

6. Duration: Time of efficiency for drop megamenu down( by mili seconds)

7. Access: The access level group that is allowed to view this item.

8. Megamenu Configuration: With this option, you choose Megamenu to configure for menu item

With item configure, you will be able to:

- Using submenu or not

- Using group menu or not

- Set theme class for menu

- Setting width for menu

- Using module menu

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Super User

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